How do I book?

Roamantics online booking is set up for individual booking, therefore each person has their own free account and password.

Choose an event from one of our events listed. Go to ‘Book now’. Follow the payment instructions. You may need to Register First or Log-in first and return to the event page. Click Book Now. We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express and Discover. If you don't have a Paypal account, click 'Book Now', then click the GREY button on the PayPal login page. This button will labelled "Pay By Debit or Credit Card" or "Check Out as Guest". Follow the instructions to pay.

How to make a GROUP BOOKING:

Roamantics online booking is set up for individual booking, therefore each person has their own free account and password.

However, there are TWO ways to do a Group Booking (2 or more) and pay for your friends:


You can pay for all your friends if you are willing to individually Register them and go through to pay for their each individual ticket fee.

Just, after each payment, Log Out and go back to the event page to add the next person's individual details in (register them) and then Pay each fee.

You can also add a photo of them yourself or get them to do it or email the images to info@roamantics.co.uk and we can add them. They will need to add a photo of themselves on their profiles, ideally before the event. Inform them of their password - they can change their password themselves later by logging in & clicking 'My Account' then 'My Password'.


The booking line open every day 10am-10pm.

We accept VISA, MC, VISA DEBIT, DISCOVER AND AMERICAN EXPRESS for individual or group bookings.

What is Walkabout Speed Dating?

We call it walkabout speed dating because no seated speed dating takes place. You are free to roam the bar wherever you want during and between your 3 minute mini-dates. There's no name tags, set tables or speeches. We prefer it more discreet, more laid-back. Take breaks whenever you want. Lets keep it chilled. It is optional & flexible.

All our singles parties have this optional speed dating. It works by simply logging into a website and holding a button. When two guests are both holding the button at the same time, a link is made, and an instant three-minute date is set. You then use each other's photo to find one another in the bar.

After three minutes, you can hold the button again for your next three-minute date....

How do I access the Roamantics Event WebApp?

The Roamantics e-Icebreaker is a WebApp, which is a website designed to suit a screen of a mobile phone. The address of the WebApp is http://m.roamantics.co.uk so therefore there is no downloading is required. It is not an App that you download from the App store- it is purely a website. If you have already registered, you can log in at m.roamantics.co.uk on your phone or pad. The first page will list any 'current', 'upcoming' or 'past' events. Any future event will say "event not yet active". This is normal. When you arrive, your host will activate your page to start the event.

This all sounds complicated & nerve-racking, Im not very good with phones and technology, is this for me?

Seriously, it's really very easy. At the bar, it is just a case of logging-in to a website and holding a button! But it's optional, socialising without it is fine!! It's a singles party after all.

The host is there to help and provide info at the event. Any nerves disappear very quickly at any speed dating event. After one date, you'll wonder why you were nervous in the first place. The good thing about Roamantics speed dating is you have the option to start when you are ready and take breaks at your discretion. Give us a call if you want to ask anything about the way the event works.

Do I have to set up a profile?

Yes. Registration is free. To attend an event you need to own a phone with internet access, pay for the event beforehand and upload a recent photo. Filling in all the profile is up to you. Common interests can be a good starting point for a conversation.

Why do I need to upload a photo?

You need to upload a clear, recent photo so when your e-Icebreaker links a speed date for you, they can find you easily and you can find them easily.

Do people usually bring friends or go alone?

There will be a mix of people who brings friends and come alone. Its unlikely to matter at the event either way because you are there to meet new people.

Do I need a smart phone?

Ideally yes! but not necessarily. You need to access the internet on your phone (or pad) at the event. My old phone wasn't a smart phone but it still had a touch screen & internet access, so it would still work for a Roamantics event. You need a phone that will allow you to hold a button on the screen of a website, either with an arrow or touch screen. The really old phones that only gave a digital internet display won't be any good. See the first question above.

How should I dress for the event?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Some people will be coming straight from work so work clothes are fine. But don't forget that in speed dating first impressions count. Check the venue's website for info on the dresscode.

How many events can I attend?

As many as you like. Most student events require an NUS card.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Tickets are refundable if 24hrs written notice is given prior to the event. See our terms and conditions.

I’ve lost my login details

No problem, click the forgotten password button when logging in. Your Roamantics Login details will also log you in to our other e-Icebreaker website (m.roamantics.co.uk).

During the event.

What happens when I arrive at the event?

Approach the host. They will active your (first) name to the event so you can begin messaging, and arranging your speed dates and matching your fellow speed daters.

How different is it to normal speed dating?

Traditional speed dating involves tables, chairs, names tags, matchcards, pens and a set menu of people to meet. We love normal speed dating but our events does away with all that and you use your phone to arrange the dates. No name tags, tables, matchcards required. There's a bit more freedom with our events and hopefully no awkward long wait for the event to start. When a boy and girl dater are both holding the 'go-speeddating' button at the same time, a link is made, and an instant 3-minute date is set. They will see a photo of you on their phone and you will see a photo of them on yours... you then use the photo to find one another. After three minutes, you can hold the button again for your next 3-minute date.....

Is there a set menu of people to meet?

No, you can hold the go-speeddating button whenever and as much you like. The e-Icebreaker will link a fellow dater who is looking for a speed date around the same time. Alternatively, you can message a dater direct or approach them the old fashioned way.

How does the Wifi connection work in a bar?

We choose venues that provide free Wifi access. When you arrive, go into your 'settings', then choose the correct 'wifi connection' and type the provided password. Don’t worry though, information on this is provided at each event. It is pretty easy. You may actually be able to connect to the internet without connecting to the free Wifi. There's no panic though, as you can start using the e-Icebreaker whenever you are ready.

Do we get allocated a table at the event?

No, although you may find a table if preferred. You are free to sit or stand where you want in the bar.

How do I find the person I am looking for? What happens if I can’t find my date the e-Icebreaker arranged for me?

Have a look around. Remember they also will be looking for you. If in doubt, go to where the host is located. We try to choose venues that are not large or packed with other people! It is surprisingly easy.

I found the date, where are we meant to go during each speed date?

Anywhere, it is totally up to both you. Stand at the bar together, find a table or (if its warm) sit outside. Remember though it's only for 3 minutes!

I've pressed the go-speeddating button and nothing has happened. Why hasn't it found me a date?

The key is to HOLD the button down. Once another speed dater is holding their button at the same time, a link will be made, and a 3-minute date will be set. The longer you hold it down, the more chance of a date. The more times you hold the button during the night, the more dates you will have.

Ok, Ive pressed the go-speeddating button and it's found me a date, I see their photo and I don’t fancy them, do I really need to speak to them?

We do ask people to participate in the date once it has found you one… out of politeness- like normal speed dating. The date is only for a couple of minutes, and photos will not tell you much anyway, you'll probably be surprised! 3 minutes is over really quick and you may end up chatting to their hotter friend straight after! Most people that go speed dating are attractive, normal, intelligent people. Nerves go away very quick as you chat to more and more people. There's no point being overly judgemental at an individual speed date. We aim to provide events at bars during quieter times and a host is always nearby if you have an issue.

What do I need to bring?

  • Phone fully charged and with internet access.
  • Password written down (if you need to re-Login).
  • A friendly attitude.

What sort of people come to the events?

Most speed daters are professionals who want to meet more people. They're generally normal, attractive people who just aren't meeting people through their work or immediate circle of friends.

How do I contact people from the event?

Go to ‘messages’ and send a message. This is available at the start of each event and stays open and available after.

How many people will I meet?

This depends on the type of event and how you decide to use the e-Icebreaker but broadly speaking, 5-15 people.

Do I need to ask for phone numbers from the people I liked whilst at the event?

No, because you can contact the attendees via the e-Icebreaker after the event.

Can I socialise without using the e-Icebreaker?

Yes, of course!! It is a singles party after all. Use it as much or as little as you want!

Can I block someone?

Yes, it is possible to block someone, if required.

I have an enquiry

Contact info@roamantics.co.uk or call 020 3308 2903.

FAQs for the Create Your Own Event feature.

How does the Create Your Own Event feature work?

If a venue, such as a bar or nightclub, wants to create their own Roamantics speed dating event they can do so by submitting the online form & pay. If everything passes our criteria, we will then add the listing to our event list. If not, we will refund the fee. The venue should promote and advertise the event themselves as soon as possible. This can be done via online social media, online adverting, newspaper advertising, large posters outside the venue etc. We will send the venue an information pack so the on the event day they have all the information required. For example, the Hosts Guide card gives out the password so the Hosts can login and take a register as attendees arrive. We will monitor the event during the event online so if there are any queries or questions you can contact us. Please watch all 6 videos on the Create Your Event page for a more in-depth explanation.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

The fee is refundable if 24hrs written notice is given prior to the event. See our terms and conditions. You must return the Information Pack to us for a full fee refund. If it is not returned we will deduct £50 from the refund amount. If over 60 people have booked for a cancelled event, and they all need alerting that the event is cancelled, then no refund is given due to the time involved alerting each guest (& potentially giving out refunds).

In general, we encourage venues not to cancel an event at a late stage to avoid disappointing your booked attendees. It could cause a lot of disruption to them. If you are worried about numbers, remember with any singles event, people often leave it to the last minute to book so even a day before the event you may not know the final number of attendees.

If an event is cancelled, we will send one email and one text to alert the attendees of the cancellation.

How much time is required between creating an event and the event date itself?

Minimum 14 days to allow time to promote the event. Ideally, why not create the event a few months before the event date?

Can venues host the event themselves?

YES, we will send you Host Guide with all the login details and general information on. Obviously it reduces the fee if the venue wants host the event themselves. The hosts need to watch videos 1, 4 & 5 on the Create Your Own Event page for a more in-depth explanation. Hosting the event shouldn't be too taxing and is good fun.

What do hosts need to have at the event?

  • Phone fully charged and with internet access.
  • Hosts Guide card (get this from the event organiser).
  • A friendly attitude.

Can a Create-Your-Own-Event Organiser add their friends to the event for free?

For Package 1, yes because they can inform the cashier.

For Package 2, only the organiser is added to the event for free. Their friends would need to pay Roamantics the event fee to gain access to the technology i.e the speed dating. It is up to the venue whether they can access the event area (bar area) for free.

Does the Create-Your-Own-Event Organiser need to attend the actual event?

Not necessarily. They need to ensure the hosts have been given the Hosts Guide and ensure the hosts have watched videos 1, 4 & 5 before the event. Therefore, the hosts will know what to do on the night. For a venue's first event, we recommend the Organiser be in attendance.

For the organiser, participation in the actual speed dating is optional (the hosts can activate their name to the event if they want to take part).

What is the difference between Package 1 & Package 2?

If you have chosen Package 1 it means the attendees will register and book the event FREE through the Roamantics website. They pay the venue on the night when they arrive and the venue keeps all the ticket sales.

If you have chosen Package 2 it means the attendees will register, book and pay for the event through the Roamantics website. No money is exchanged on the night. Roamantics keep the ticket sales.

We want to choose Package 1 but how do venues accept money on the night?

You can charge at the door.

Or the attendees can pay the barman and the barman can access their name to the event with his phone or tablet.

Or the attendees can pay the hosts and the hosts can access their name to the event (the hosts may need a bag of loose change around their waist to do this).

Another way proven successful is, if the attendees pay the barman & they get their hand stamped. Then they can approach the host. They can show the host their stamped hand and then can get their names activated to the event.

Can venues sell tickets online themselves?

If you have chosen Package 2, then no. Only Roamantics takes the payment for Package 2.

If you have chosen Package 1, it is simply easier to take payment on the night. The attendees must book (for free) through the Roamantics website for any event. Therefore, using two separate websites to pay and book would be too confusing for attendees.

The only way a venue can sell tickets online is if the venue sets up a link button at the end of their booking process which sends them to the roamantics booking page so it is one "continuous stream" to book everything. Please discuss this with us before setting this up. As mentioned before, it is simply easier to accept payment on the night only with Package 1.

Do venues have to promote the event themselves?

Yes, Roamantics are not promoters of your event. When creating an event, the venue is making a commitment that they will promote the event as best they can. We can help out by giving you the names of some free online advertising but generally the promotion of the event is in your hands.

Why has Roamantics rejected our application to create an event?

There could be various reasons why we cannot accept an event application. These could be:-

Not the right type of venue; or not in a safe area; or too close to another nearby event and is clashing; or not the right type of WIFI access.

We ALWAYS give venues a refund if the application is not accepted.

Why do the venues need free WIFI?

The attendees need to use the internet to interact with the online speed dating game so it is crucial the venue has a simple & effective WIFI system.

Can venues contact their booked guests before the event?

No, you will need to contact Roamantics so we can forward on any message regarding the event.

How do Roamantics provide hosts for all around the UK?

We would likely use Job Agencies to source the hosts. Therefore they may not be experienced but they would have watched our training videos beforehand. If the event is in Essex then we may be able to provide more experienced hosts.

I have an enquiry

Contact info@roamantics.co.uk or call 020 3308 2903.