Dating In The Sun

Dating In The Sun

10th August 2017

Dating In The Sun

Have you ever noticed that the Spring and Summer months bring with them a huge surge of romance? It could simply be the fact that more people are out and about, enjoying the weather and wearing flattering summery clothes. The more skin on show, the more pheromones released into the air. But science has a few explanations to offer for the rush of love in the sunshine.


Endorphins are known for being the feel-good chemicals. Exposure to sunlight releases endorphins which in turn heightens awareness, improves moods, increases your sociability and makes you feel all round great! It is also suggested that endorphins help with critical thinking, meaning should your date not be quite what you hoped for, you may be more likely to make a sensible decision and achieve a plutonic relationship rather than a regretful next morning!


Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleeping patterns. Being exposed to sunlight causes melatonin levels to reduce which makes us feel more awake. As exposure to sunlight decreases, the melatonin levels rise which prepares the body for sleep. Now we know why we feel more tired in the winter months!

Vitamin D

It is becoming common knowledge that Vitamin D has many health benefits but it also plays a part in sexual attraction too. Vitamin D increases levels of testosterone in men and oestrogen in women. This simply means that vitamin D increases your libido! The sun is the best natural source of vitamin D.

So, it is clear there are a number of reasons why exposure to the beautiful sunshine brings attraction and romance. Enjoy the sun in a sensible way, relax in the park, chill out in the beer garden, smile, socialise and see what happens! Just be sure to protect your skin and keep hydrated.

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