Start Your Christmas Love Story

Start Your Christmas Love Story

7th December 2017

It sounds like the thing of films doesn’t it? Embarking on a wonderful love story during the magical build up to Christmas. This is potentially one of the most romantic times of the year so here is how to cosy up to a classic film with someone special before the year is out!

Secret Santa Fun – This is a fun way to flirt with someone. If you have been asked to join a secret Santa group, then go for it. The mysteriousness of this is exciting and you could leave your crush wondering who their secret Santa is all over Christmas. It’s up to you if you reveal yourself.

Join The Party – Christmas time is party season and with New Years not far behind it make sure you do not say no to an invite! Treat yourself to a new outfit for the work Christmas do, be your friend’s plus one at theirs! Parties are a great way to meet someone special. Food, drink, music and laughter all help us to relax and while couples are snuggled up at home you are bound to find new and exciting single people lurking around the mistletoe!

Mistletoe – This classic tradition is always fun, and cheeky. Wear some on your winter hat! Or just have a piece ready for that gorgeous passerby. Admittedly this is something for the more confident among us, but you could always do it in a group of mates if you feel shy going it alone.

Get Online – There are plenty of genuine online dating sites bursting with singles looking for love. Quite a few arrange members parties and meals. It is a great way to meet new people and research has shown that from boxing day onwards there is a huge rise in online dating activity with people wanting to find that perfect winter romance.

So grab a mulled wine and plan your December as you could be busy embarking on a romantic journey before you know it.

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