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What is Roamantics?

Roamantics™ is a worlds first! We offer unique Single Parties with Walkabout Speed Dating. CLICK PLAY to watch the animation above.

The most revolutionary new concept in Speed Dating hits nightclubs, bars and student unions in the UK!

  • Singles Parties with a cool speed dating option!
  • Use the easy, bespoke e-Icebreaker whenever you want!
  • Affordable, flexible, fun events in UK clubs, bars, pubs & Student Unions!

Everything with Roamantics™ is easy.

Watch our two videos about our events and our easy e-Icebreaker.

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Date: 01/12/2019

No places available
No places available
Location: ESSEX Ages: 20-40
Women: No places available Men: No places available

We call it Walkabout Speed Dating because no seated speed dating takes place.

You are free to roam the bar wherever you want during and between your 3 minute mini-dates. There's no name tags, set tables or speeches. We prefer it more discreet, more laid-back. Take breaks whenever you want. Lets keep it chilled. It is optional & flexible.

Our system is unique and very simple.

All our singles parties have optional speed dating. It works by simply logging into a website and holding a button. When two guests are both holding the button at the same time, a link is made, and an instant 3-minute date is set. You then use each other's photo to find one another in the bar!

After three minutes, you can hold the button again for your next 3-minute date....

Register for free.

First you need to register with us. Click the 'register' button at the top. After registering you will receive a confirmation email. The next stage is making an event booking. Once you are signed-in, go to 'event bookings' and click 'Book Now'. You will receive another confirmation email for any event that you book.

How do I access the e-Icebreaker at the event?

Really easy! Simply enter http://m.roamantics.co.uk on your phone. That is literally all you have to do!

Remember WebApp's are normal websites designed to suit a screen of a mobile phone. It is not an App that you download from the App Store or similar. All you need at the event is a smart phone with internet access!.. so if you want to go speed dating you can open m.roamantics.co.uk at the bar!

What if I want to socialise at the Single Parties without the e-Icebreaker?

It's fine!! It's totally up to you! It's an optional e-Icebreaker to get more people talking. It is fine to approach guests the old fashioned way...it is a singles party after all.

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